Mixed Media Painting Art Portrait Cow Ear Back Signed James Bartholomew R.S.M.A.
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Mixed Media Painting Art Portrait Cow Ear Back Signed James Bartholomew R.S.M.A.

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  • 1 Fine Mixed Media Original British Contemporary Art Painting Portrait Cow with ear back.  
  • Distinctly signed by the Listed International worldwide known British artist James Bartholomew.
  • Subject portrait of a cow with ear back.
  • Mixed media painting on paper.
  • In visual art, mixed media is an artwork in which more than one medium or material has been employed.
  • While his paintings cover several subjects, the approach is fairly consistent.  
  • The way he paints is quite energetic, with gestural, spontaneous marks and sweeping strokes.  
  • Since many of the subjects he chooses are ‘moving’ sea, skies, animals,  the marks hopefully convey some of this motion and energy and give the paintings they're liveliness.
  • He works on a comparatively large scale which allows for a loose approach.
  • Much smaller and he finds the process becomes a bit fiddly!  
  • Working in pastel & watercolour together, the mediums soon becoming mixed up.  
  • The pastel will sometimes get wet and moved around within the paint, becoming simply a pigment.
  • Other times it is used over the top of the dry paint.  
  • Through this method, the vibrancy can be reintroduced with the pastels and the painting can be changed at any stage.  
  • This leaves plenty of room to experiment on the surface without worrying about spoiling the painting, which he finds quite liberating.
  • He like his paintings to be cheerful so my subjects are usually things that he find interesting and uplifting in one way or another.
  • Mounted & set in a large heavy black wooden frame and glazed.
  • Such a delightful contemporary masterpiece so pleasing to the eye.  
  • This is one of his larger finest animal works.
  • A great collectors investment wall display item.  
  • James Bartholomew is fascinated by the interplay between a subject and light and how changing weather can alter the essence of something so completely.”
  • The things he paints are basically the things he loves.
  • Having a love for the outdoors, for animals and for nature in general.  
  • Since 1992, James has worked as a contemporary painter.  
  • He has a strong reputation within the British contemporary art market and his recognisable, ‘loose and energetic’ style has gained widespread acclaim.  
  • Strong light and colour are often central to James’ paintings and dynamic viewpoints are a feature in many.
  • He was made a full member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists (RSMA) in 2002 and his work has also received several notable awards;  most recently the Kenneth Denton Award for his painting ‘Atlantic Blue 4’ (RSMA Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London, October 2018).
  • Alongside his own gallery Mill House Gallery in Lancashire - now in it’s 22nd year, James has been represented by several leading UK galleries.
  • He also exhibits regularly at the Federation of British Artists’ society shows.  
  • His work is found in both private and corporate collections around the world. Selected commissioning clients: Waitrose, BBC, The Sunday Times, British Tourist Authority. Selected awards: Laing Landscape Art Prize Sir Peter Scott Award Charles Pears Award (RSMA Annual Exhibition) The Arts Club Award Artist Magazine Award Kenneth Denton Award (RSMA Annual Exhibition).
  • Set in a beautiful black heavy wooden frame.  
  • With hanging thread on the back ready for home display.
  • Circa 21s century dated 2018.
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  • Condition report.  
  • Offered in fine used condition.  
  • Having some noticeable minor scuffs stains wear to the frame in places also some stains on the glass cover commensurate with usage & age.  
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Dimensions in inches & centimetres of frame approximate

33.26" High (84.5cm)
40.15" Width (102cm)  
2.36" Length depth thickness of frame (6cm)  

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